Natural Mosquito Repellants

Mosquitos are nothing less than a nuisance with their quick breeding and the itchy and dangerous bites they leave on your skin. To make things worse, they emit the most annoying high-pitched sound which is enough to drive you crazy. Hiring a mosquito control company in Simpsonville will get you rid of these pests.

Till you wait for the professionals to arrive, you can follow some natural procedures to get rid of mosquitoes. Given below is a list of some of the most effective natural mosquito repellants.

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Natural Mosquito Control And Repellents

If you are a fan of organic and natural ways to dealing everything, you are sure to like the following list. Most of these methods are products are inexpensive and do not put you at the risk of side-effects.

·    Mosquitoes hate plants such as basil, catnip, and rosemary. You can plant them in different locations at your house and ensure the mosquitoes’ departure from your space.

·    You can apply oils extracted from plants such as feverdew, basil, and rosemary. When you apply these oils to your skin, mosquitoes will not be able to bear to come close to you.

·    Other oils such as peppermint and camphor can be diluted and used to do away with mosquitoes. They work in the same manner as chemical insecticides but do not pose the risk of side effects.

·    You can allow dragonflies to exist in your house because they are natural mosquito predators. Not only will they scare off the mosquitoes but will eat the ones left behind.

There is no getting away with chemical fogging if you want to permanently get rid of mosquitoes. However, you can use some natural agents to ensure that no mosquitoes fly around you. Natural methods are the best and the most human and environmentally sound. Therefore, use these natural repellants to save yourself from the numerous dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.