Creating The Clean Green Office

It will not take you long to clean your office. A hard-working Filipina housemaid once said this. The first thing you do in the morning before settling down to work is to make your bed, sweep your floor and then organize your desk. She was speaking in terms of a gentleman she knew who was now working from home. But he also has aspirations of keeping a green office. He saw what her parlor looked like and fell in love with it almost immediately.

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Only the thing is, he was in no position to jet over there to enjoy the garden. And she informed him in no uncertain terms that, ten thousand miles or more away from him, she would not be able to assist him and take care of him, as much as she would have loved to. What is she to do? In the meantime, she does spend additional time in her own green garden once she has completed her daily round of good housekeeping tasks.

She is also in the process of reopening her mom’s canteen downtown as lockdown restrictions are gradually but cautiously eased. She has her hands full of cleaning work to do. Fortunately, two beefy brothers with little else to do with their jobless time are helping out, doing some of the heavy lifting wherever and whenever that becomes necessary. In the meantime, her distant boyfriend has hired green office cleaning services in Calgary, AB.

Until such time that the love of his life is able to join him in his city. It has been decided however that this couple will more than likely settle down to domestic bliss in her neck of the woods. The cost of living is just so much better.